Friday, June 27, 2014

Bass Day 2014 – United Sound

This year, Detroit Bass Day 2014 will be held at United Sound System Recording Studios (USSRS).  United Sound was chosen for its long history in Detroit. 

Once a year, the #DetroitBassPlayers group meets to take a group photo.  What started as a simple “meet and greet” has become “Detroit Bass Day” with the help of Kern Brantley and friends putting together a themed concert.  This will be the second year the concert runs in conjunction with the gathering.  Last year’s concert was a tribute to James Jamerson that included performances by several prominent touring and local bassists. The Jamerson family also attended.  This year is a tribute to Funk, to be held inside Studio A at USSRS.  We’re hoping to make Detroit Bass Day an annual tradition. 

There will be various prizes given away throughout the event.  All prizes have been donated by our most gracious sponsors: GHS Strings, Hipshot Products, PickGuy Custom Picks, and GruvGear.

The Detroit Bass Players raffle is free to all members.  You will get a raffle ticket when you arrive. Various promotional items, in gift bags, will also be given to attendees.  Supplies are limited.

A 11" by 17", limited edition, Bass Day - United Sound poster will also be available for purchase. Price to be determined.

The gathering starts at 11:00 am on August 9th. Doors open for the concert at 1:00 pm.  We would love to see you! 

You do not need a ticket to attend the Detroit Bass Players meeting, outside United Sound.  You will, however, need a ticket for the concert.


Press Release:  

Join famed Detroit musician Mr. Kern Brantley and friends honoring funk music pioneers like Bootsy Collins, Larry Graham and George Duke. 

This year #DetroitBassDay will take place at the legendary United Sounds Systems Recording Studio home of the late great Don Davis as well as George Clinton and P-Funk Labs. The day’s events include performances from an elite group of bass players, all whom have been inspired by the hypnotic groove of the Funk and stay on the One. Detroit Bass Day 2014 will “tear the roof off the mutha sucka...”


Welcoming Special Guest - Bobby Vega:

Detroit Bass Players is proud to announce special guest Bobby Vega will be appearing at the Bass Day 2014 event! He's not just coming to play; he's coming to hang out with everyone!

Bobby is a recording artist, clinician, and product representative. He has performed and recorded with Tower Of Power, Sly and The Family Stone, Etta James, Jefferson Starship, and many others! We're looking forward to having Bobby play a tune in the Bass Day 2014 show!

We would like to thank EMG Pickups for sponsoring Bobby's trip to Detroit.

Huge thanks go out to our friend, Rene' Santiago, for his help setting this in motion.

Bass Day 2014 Performing Bassists:

Kern Brantley , Emily Rogers, Nate Watts, Lamont Johnson, Ralphe Armstrong, Brandon Rose, Lonnie Motley, Wendell Lucas, Brad Russell, Craig Skoney, Micheal K. Fredricks, Ivan (Big Ive) Williams, William Pope, Goldie Glenn, Lone Wolf, Bobby Vega, Larry Lee, Craig Shephard, and Edward Tony (T-Money) Green.

The Band:
Eric Gaston, Kevin Ritter, Kevin Carter, Alex Goss, Brandon Blane, Ladarell Sax, D.Love, Paula, Tosha O, Donna, Donal Ray, Lola George, Keithe John, Curtis Boone, and Gwen Foxx.

Get ready for some of the baddest funkin' bass players in the city to converge at the laboratory of the notorious Dr. Funkenstein!


• 11:00 The Detroit Bass Players meet in front of United Sound Systems
Recording Studios
• 12:00 The Detroit Bass Players group photo shoot.
• 1:00 Doors open for Meet and Greet with a “round table discussion” Tours of the historic United
Sound Systems Recording Studios
• 2:00 Awards, Speeches and Acknowledgments: (a small tribute to the passing of Don
Davis and co-founder of Bass Day Yvonne C. Butler)
• 3:00 The Tribute to the Funk Concert (featuring the performers listed above)
• 5:00 Grand Prize Raffle. There will be smaller raffles throughout the whole event from our
most appreciated sponsors.
• Special Invited Guest Appearances: by Bootsy Collins, George Clinton, Amp
Fidler, Luis Resto and Jeff Bass.
• 9:00 Official After Party and Open Jam.

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