Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Detroit Bass Players 100% Cotton Logo Tees

You have until Sunday, October 18th to order  



The shirts are made to order.  I do not buy a load of shirts and sell them.  I take your order for whichever shirt(s) you want, you pay--in advance--using PayPal, then I take all the orders to the printer at once.  This means you will have to wait a bit before you get your shirt.  This is the way I have always done it. The hundreds of members, proudly wearing their DBP shirts, all ordered theirs the same way.  Please be patient.  I will keep everyone informed on the Detroit Bass Players group page (www.facebook.com/groups/DetroitBassPlayers/).

You do not need a PayPal account to order!  Choose the shirt you would like, then follow the instructions.

If you are not a member, go to the section where it says "Choose a way to pay". Below the PayPal area, select "Pay with a debit or credit card, or PayPal Credit", click on the proper tab for your payment type, and enter your info there.


No pick up service will be available.  Every order will be shipped to the address provided through PayPal.

Shipping is $5.50 for the first shirt, and and additional $1.50 for each additional shirt--up to $12.00 for five and up.  If you want to order more than 7 shirts, you'll need to place two orders.

**No international orders will be accepted. The shipping rates are extremely high.*

Short Sleeve


Long Sleeve


Short Sleeve TALL (Haynes Shirts*)


*The tall shirts were not available in the same brand as the others. In order to maintain a reasonable quality, I substituted Haynes tees.  They cost a considerable amount more, but I'm eating a part of the  cost, to keep the price down.

I am not in the T-shirt business.  I get these made for the Detroit Bass Players facebook group members.  I do my best to provide good quality shirts at a reasonable price.  I do my best to get the shirts shipped quickly. 

Thank you for reading the entire page!

Craig - Detroit Bass Players

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

810BassDriver from 810PedalGruppe

Todd Cox (builder/proprietor of 810 Pedal Gruppe) says,  "I want the bassist to get over on the man!  I want the end user--the working musician--to get good gear at a reasonable price, built by a fellow bassist with over 2000 gigs under his belt. Now, for instance, the AMZ mosfet boost was sold a few years back by catalinbread effects as the "Sagrado pobalno Picoso".  It was well over a hundred bucks.  This occurs with great frequency, in the music gear world.  I build my pedals without a printed circuit board, like the old days.

 I discovered pedal building in early 2012, it’s a great pastime. My primary interest is building circuits related to the bass guitar. There is no feeling like doing a build to solve an issue related to your sound, or how your rig functions and to build a SOLUTION to said problem or shortcoming from SCRATCH, with one’s own bare hands, and a few basic tools.”

Todd calls the 810BassDriver "hot as a stolen pistol", and hot it is!  “The 810BassDriver is a modified Electra distortion that I have worked up.  I read about the Electra circuits being used in so many builders' designs... They charge a pretty hefty price.  The Electra distortion is one of the simplest distortion circuits out there, and many versions of it have been made. The circuit lends itself highly to modification.  There have been a few boutique overdrives based on it, such as the Lovepedal COT 50 (MSRP $229.00), and the Nick Greer Green Giant ($145.00). I envision selling the 810BBassDriver overdrives for $65.00 bucks each."

DBP: Is the 810BassDriver a 'mosfet' pedal?

Todd:  No it’s not mosfet, I used a 2n5088 transistor. A couple earlier ones I built I used a 2n2222, but it seemed to clip too early. I altered the Electra circuit for the bass guitar by changing the capacitor values. I also used different diodes.  I used germanium diodes, which give the overdrive a smoother tone than if I would have used silicon diodes.

I make a mosfet booster.  It’s almost the exact same circuit. It’s a clean boost and its killer--like 36db worth of killer. I use it all the time on my rig. Iit makes my Thunderfunk sound like an SVT!  A lot of builders do this stuff. They alter and repackage the same circuit for different applications.

810BassDriver Review:

I tested the 810BassDriver using a 70’s spacing Jazz, with Fralin singles and GHS Boomers, and a P bass with late 80’s EMG pickups and LaBella 760FL flatwounds.  It did equally well with both basses.  The pedal operates on one 9 volt battery, or a typical 9 volt power supply.  I can’t speak for battery life, as I’ve only used it on battery power for this review.

Let's talk about what the pedal DOESN'T do. It doesn't lose low end. It doesn't alter your basic tone. It doesn't sound like a buzz saw. It doesn’t break your wallet.  It’s just a well done, bare bones  overdrive that'll kick your bass in the butt.

With the knob fully counterclockwise, it's an effect you would use to add a little hair to that “too clean for your own good” tone. With the knob at around the 10:00 position, my P-Bass w/ EMGs (volume control rolled back to about 80%) netted a beautiful grit reminiscent of the bass tone on ZZ Top's "Cheap Sunglasses" (One of my favorite rock bass tones [Listen during the guitar solo]).  As I turned the knob clockwise, I noticed a slight boost in the volume, but it’s more midrange crunch than a big volume spike—we’re not talking “zero to panic” here, I mean enough to push you through the mix and make your bass sound like the rude guy at the end of the bar who has lived on cigarettes and bourbon for most of his life.

Bottom line: it’s one knob simple and it gets it done in the good kinda’ way. Everyone has slightly different taste, when it comes to 'gritting up' their bass sound.  The 810BassDriver is the sound I look for when I want to 'heat it up a bit'. It makes me smile. :)

Great job on this one, Todd!

The 810 Pedal Gruppe offers two pedals, at this time:

Bass Booster: 

The 810BassBooster is the same circuit as the AMZ MOSFET boost. It adds like 30 decibels of CLEAN BOOST.  I love this pedal.  It’s a one knob wonder that will not color your sound at all. It will slam the front end of a tube amp like a sledge hammer if you play a guitar thru it into a tube head.

Bass Overdrive:
The 810BassDriver is another one knob wonder that will not lose lows, adds headroom and dirt and a little crunch to your bass tone. If you play with a pick, you can channel the sounds of Lemmy, Chris Squire, Justin Chancellor, et al. It’s cool with a pick or fingerstyle.

Todd says, “I am attempting to develop a couple other tonal solutions for the bass guitar. I will never quit ‘till I get the right, tight, nice sound you crave…


Thursday, January 8, 2015

Detroit - Rock City!

By Brad Russell

Much like musicians from the south may feel as if everyone thinks they only play country music,  players from Chicago may feel as if they are solely labeled  blues players, or musicians from California may feel as if they are expected to play surf music, when I tell someone I'm a musician originally from Detroit I feel as if  I get the "Motown" label. Please don't misunderstand, Motown Records played an extremely important role in the history of music and in my opinion (and the opinion of many others) was some of the greatest pop music ever written & recorded. Motown is often the first and only music associated with Detroit. As great as Motown music is, there's more to Detroit than just the Motown sound! Simply put, Detroit can rock  too, and rock hard! Let's put it this way, there's a reason KISS wrote a song called "Detroit Rock City". Rock musicians from Detroit have a regional sound that often combines aggressive no nonsense hard rock with a distinct soulfulness you don't find everywhere.

  As a bass player raised in the metro Detroit area, I heard all types of great music growing up: Motown, Jazz and Rock. I remember my parents taking me to Bakers Keyboard Lounge to hear Ron Carter, my mother taking me to the old Hyatt  hotel in Dearborn to hear the Johnny Trudell big band,  my brother taking me to sit in with the late great bassist Rod Hicks and me sneaking into bars on the east side to hear rock bass player Freeman James--not to mention all the rock bands/artists I listened to who become nationally recognized: Bob Seger, Ted Nugent, Grand Funk Railroad (originally from Flint, Mich), Alice Cooper, Mitch Ryder, The Romantics, The Rockets, Kid Rock, The White Stripes, etc... There's never been any shortage of hard rocking bands from the D, yet it seems like it's mostly characterized by the Motown Sound. Granted, as a bass player, I've studied the great baselines of James Jamerson just like everybody else, however, I'm also equally influenced by the raw aggressive grooves of the above mentioned rock bands.

  My point is just this, Detroit is a town full of great music. Musicians from "the D" play with a certain commitment and really "own" the music they are performing, regardless of the style. I just think the Motown Sound (as great as it is) often overshadows the distinct ass kicking rock music  produced out of the Motor City!  Perhaps most local Detroiters know all of this, but as a native of Detroit who has lived in different cities, I often see this typecast  Detroit receives, and I just want to point out that it's a city that rocks as hard as it grooves!

A short list of rock, pop and punk acts from Detroit:

  • Bob Seger
  • Ted Nugent
  • Alice Cooper
  • Grand Funk Railroad
  • Glenn Frey of The Eagles
  • Brownsville Station
  • Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen
  • Sonic's Rendezvous Band
  • The band simply called Detroit, which featured Mitch Ryder on vocals and Johnny "Bee" Badanjek on drums. 
  • Destroy All Monsters (band)
  • Death (band)
  • The Dogs
  • MC5
  • The Stooges
  • The Gories
  • The White Stripes
  • The Dirtbombs
  • The Von Bondies
  • The Rockets
  • The Hentchmen
  • Electric Six
  • Sponge
  • Big Chief
  • Goober and the Peas
  • Broken Toys
  • Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise
  • Flash Kahan
  • Adrenalin
  • D C Drive
  • His Name Is Alive
  • Brendan Benson
  • Demolition Dollrods
  • Kid Rock
  • The Sights
  • The Suicide Machines.
  • Marshall Crenshaw
Read more about Detroit musical artists here:  Music of Detroit

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Major 7th Extensions - Eddie Kohen

Now that Eddie has the video thing figured out, here is an additon to the previous lesson and something else to work on.

Thanks Eddie, for taking the time to help broaden our knowledge!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Detroit Bass Players Skull Caps / Beanies

You have until Sunday, January 4th to place your order!

The time to order has passed.

Nathan Brown and Dennis Patterson sporting their DBP skull caps!

  • 100% acrylic outer shell
  • Inner shell with wicking properties
  • 8" height
  • Embroidered Detroit Bass Players logo
$20.00 per hat, plus shipping.  Discounted shipping for multiple hats.

You do not need a PayPal account to order!

Just follow the instructions provided during the checkout process.

The hats are made to order.  I do not buy a load of hats and sell them.  I take your order, you pay--in advance--using PayPal, then I take all the orders to the shop at once.  This means you will have to wait a bit before you get your hats.  This is the way I have always done it. The hundreds of members, proudly wearing their DBP hats and shirts, all ordered theirs the same way.  Please be patient.  I will keep everyone informed on the Detroit Bass Players group page (www.facebook.com/groups/DetroitBassPlayers/).

You do not need a PayPal account to order!  The checkout process allows for you to use whatever method of payment you choose.

No pick up service will be available.  Every order will be shipped to the address provided through PayPal.

Shipping is $5.50 for the first hat, and and additional $1.50 for each additional hat--up to $12.00 for five and up.  If you want to order more than 7 hats, you'll need to place two orders.